Hot Vaxx: 10 Needle-lessly Nutty Vaccination Signs

With vaccines and vaccination trending all across the nation, signs stating “get your shot” have become a common observation.

What Did You Viking Call Me??

Don’t Saab for me Scandinavia, we didn’t mean it when we called you a… what’s that? Aha, we see: the above two signs above translate from Swedish to English as “Vaccine Out” and “The Vaccine is Over”, respectively. Well, that’s good to know! Also, that crying Swedes are only upset about health care providers who don’t give a shot. (image via (rinse) at top and Anders Nicolaysen above)

Don’t Taste Me Bro

People are reluctant to get the vaccination against COVID-19, you say? We say that signs like the one above are part of the problem, not the solution. Talk about the “the cure being worse than the disease”, yikes! Whoever thinks we’ve got this pandemic licked had better umm, bite their tongue. (image via K. Kendall)

Vaccination Nation

If there’s a long line when you go for your COVID-19 vaccination, you just might be in Wales… where EVERY line is long, yet needs more vowels! That said, according to the image above the English translation is actually longer than the Welsh original! Now that’s a rarebit of linguistic signage one doesn’t see everyday. (image via Ben Salter)

Leave It to Fever

Neither cowbells nor cowpox will do any good if you come down with yellow fever and… wait, what century is this? Anyway, it’s good to know that the so-called “American Plague” (yes, that used to be a thing) is rarely seen in the USA anymore thanks to government-run mass vaccination- er, make that mosquito control efforts. The rest of the world has some catching up to do and, if we might suggest, calling your travel vaccination clinic a “Yellow Fever Centre” might be a tad counterproductive. Just sayin’. (image via Dave Collier)

Court Injector

You wanted healthier fast food so have it your way: right here at the Castle Mall food court in lovely Norwich, UK! If you’ve craved a little Moderna with your McChicken or some Pfizer with your fries, then you’ve come to the right place. Just don’t ask to supersize your order – come back for your second vaccination a few weeks later instead. (image via ninachildish)

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