Critical Mask: COVID-19 Graffiti Goes Viral

COVID-19 themed graffiti provides a street-level glimpse behind the masks governments, the media and influencers use to filter their views on this virus.

Catch The Inflection

The COVID-19 pandemic currently plaguing the globe has been government-‘splained, media-‘splained and scientician-‘splained to dea- er, you get the picture… or do you? Indeed, while everyone wants to frame the coronavirus to fit their own narratives, Big Virus simply kicks butt and takes no prisoners.

Therefore, a pox upon all their houses! To find the truth, ya gotta take it to the streets (with a shout out to the Doobie Brothers) and see what the streets – street artists, to be exact – reflect back at society. The trio of images above, for example, are excerpts from the Graffiti Alley exhibit of the “T.O. COVID Project”, created in Toronto, Canada, in early May of 2020. (images above via m o n c h o o h c n o m)

Wash This Space

Mid-March of 2020 already feels like ancient history yet even then, warning signs of the oncoming Great Pandemic were prominently displayed. Did any Irish folk take the above admonition to heart and, just by washing their hands, wash away a case of coronavirus? According to the photographer, “Today (March 15) in Ireland there were 40 new cases bringing the total to 169.” Exactly 60 days later, the online COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University listed 23,827 confirmed cases. (image via William Murphy)


Around the same time in London, UK, graffiti artists in the street art mecca of Leake Street were busily venting their frustrations (along with their spray cans) at both governmental authorities and selfish fellow citizens. How quickly the worm turns from living in the moment to learning all the toilet paper’s been bought up by speculators, survivalists and assorted nervous nellies. And you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to First World Problems. (image via duncan c)

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