Buzzkill: 10 Shocking Electrical Warning Signs

These bold and graphic electrical warning signs may look lurid but there’s a method to their message: don’t cross the high voltage line or you’ll get the cross bones.

Two Faced

Remember Reddy Kilowatt? The formerly friendly mascot for electricity generation hasn’t aged well, and he’s not happy about it… or maybe he IS, depending on which of these two high voltage warning signs you look at. Either way, that kid is toast – or should we say, “toasted”. (images at top via Robert Couse-BakerFollow and above via Bill Selak)

Bangs Galore

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC for short) defines “high voltage” as being above 1000 volts for alternating current. Since voltages over 50 volts can be life-threatening to anyone who touches two points of a live circuit, we’d say this skull-acious sign from Bangalore, India is remarkably restrained. (image via Charles Haynes)

Fly Voltage

Sometimes words are not enough. This is NOT one of those times, because we NEED words to explain exactly what is going on with this warning sign. Near as we can tell, a flying preppy dude was hit by lightning, causing him to cry out and drop his unlit cigarette. The moral is: don’t smoke during thunderstorms? (image via A Disappearing Act)

Turkish Delightning

In Istanbul (not Constantinople) you’ll find the above electrical warning sign affixed to a door… but not just ANY door. “It is a transformer door, it is forbidden to enter the danger of death” according to machine translation, which along with that square-eyed and oddly-toothy skull convinces us that entering room 2717 would be a transforming experience – and not in a “positive” way. (image via Christopher)

That’s Gotta Hertz

Standard voltage in the USA is 120 volts and the frequency is 60 hertz, while in Poland the standard voltage is 230 volts and the frequency is 50 hertz. So do as this grisly-looking sign says and “Do not touch! Electrical device!” Disobey, and you’ll be in a world of hertz. (image via MacDawg)

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