Ink Credible: 10 Abandoned Tattoo Parlors

Ink Credible: 10 Abandoned Tattoo Parlors
Tattoo you? Needles to say, you won’t be getting inked anytime soon at any of these closed, out of business, locked up and abandoned tattoo parlors.

Cheesed Off

How classy it is – er, was – that a tattoo parlor would play Beethoven’s soothing Für Elise to accompany the artist engraving irrelevant Chinese characters into your sk… wait, that’s “For Lease”? Our bad, we “noted” the sign in the window instead of reading between the lines. Speaking of that sign, if this is their idea of “Prime Space” in beautiful downtown Manitowoc, then do yourself a favor and stay the heck outta beautiful downtown Manitowoc. (images at top and above via Michael Steeber)

Best Efforts

Now what kind of tattoo would Florida Man or Florida Woman get? Simply the best, better than all the rest… and they’d get them at “Best Tattoos by Rick Johnson” in Ocoee! This charmingly painted yet sadly boarded-up little tattoo parlor evokes memories of Hall & Oates’ “Abandoned Luncheonette” album cover. No telling if Rick’s tats were “two for one” or if that was just the street address. (image above via Dan Tantrum)

Master Of Arts

Creative Ink Tattoos in Brookville, Ohio didn’t appear to be open when it was photographed in June of 2009 but if they went out of business, they went out in style: with a nifty “Graduation Special”! Ink still wet on your diploma? Double down with more ink under your skin! There’s like, zero chance a fresh neck tattoo will get under the skin of an executive recruiter. (image above via vistavision)

Motion Pictures

So ya wanna be in pictures? At soviet Hollywood tattoo parlor, pictures be on you! Sad to say, but tinseltown dreams too often turn into nightmares engraved with needles; in an “alley next to parking lot and behind tattoo parlor and king king on hollywood blvd,” according to the photographer. Pro tip for aspiring actors and actresses: prominent permanent tattoos aren’t the best idea for those in the profession of portraying a variety of different characters. Just sayin’. (image above via Cheryl Coward)

One Stop Shop

Want a tattoo but worried about post-inking infection? Clients of Deep Image Tattooing & Piercing had no such fears, since the now-closed tattoo parlor shared its digs with the Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Auxiliary Op Shop. Bonus: you could celebrate your new body art design with some er, delicious Chinese & Australian Foods just downstairs at the old Lum Inn restaurant. (image above via Wagga Wagga City Library)

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