Needless Needles: 10 International Syringe Disposal Boxes

Colorful and convenient needle disposal boxes can be found the world over, because COVID-19 isn’t the only public health crisis plaguing society these days.

Save The Wales

Harps”? Isn’t that an Irish thing, like the label on a bottle or can of Guinness beer? Speaking of which, that line of text in Welsh reminds this writer of the last time they overindulged themselves and tried asking directions to the nearest restroom… hopefully not THIS one. Indeed, Welsh is an “interesting” language and whomever removed the “S” from the needle collection bin could have at least added a much-needed vowel or two. (images at top and above via Nelo Hotsuma)

Unit-ed We Stand

Can we assume yellow is the standard color for syringe disposal boxes? Yes and no (you’ll have to read on), but that’s how they roll in chilly Edmonton, Canada. We’ll also assume whomever labeled this bin got paid by the word ‘cuz there sure are a lot of ’em on there. (image via Simon Law)

I See Red

One wonders if the Redbox video rental people have seen this needle collection bin and by the way, do video renters or junkies ever get confused? How about video renters who also happen to be junkies?? In any case, once again we find the word “sharps” used in reference to needles and syringes. Although the term sounds rather British, the image above likely depicts a scene somewhere in Massachusetts USA where both Wheelabrator Millbury and Liddell Brothers Inc have there headquarters. (image via winhide)

Stump Dump

Not exactly the boxwood we were expecting but still… “it is what it is”, and what it is is a mildly abused “secure containment system for sensitive and dangerous goods” – aka, Used Needles and ONLY used needles, please and thank you! You’ll find this dedicated drug-paraphernalia dumpster in East Melbourne, Australia, where evidently there’s a company called “Sharps Containment Pty Ltd”. It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta be doing it. (image via Philip Mallis)

Drug Disposal Blues

Word to East Vancouverites who’ve got a beef with Canada Post… this is NOT a mailbox! Can’t blame ’em, though, as the much-graffiti’d syringe disposal box above (at least, that’s what the photographer says it is) has long lost any advisory text and signage. We’ll assume someone’s using it for its intended purpose, however, as the bin isn’t overflowing with used syringes (or mail, for that matter) – at least, it wasn’t when the shutter snapped back in May of 2010. (image via Andrew Davidoff)

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