Viral Marking: 10 Signs COVID-19 Has Infected Our Culture

The “signs” of the COVID-19 pandemic are everywhere you look, graphically reminding us of the pervasive virus every time we emerge from lockdown.

Black & White World

Though we can’t see the COVID-19 virus with the naked eye, there’s no question this virulent pathogen is all around us. Indeed, signs too numerous to count ensure we never let the pandemic out of our thoughts; this alone is taking a toll on our mental health. There’s some light amid the darkness, however, and these plain & simple signs of encouragement snapped in and around St. Paul, MN do much to bolster our collective will to persevere. (images at top and above via Lorie Shaull)

Playground Zero

The dreaded Biohazard symbol, on MY playground equipment? It’s more likely than you think in the time of coronavirus. As obvious a deterrent as it may seem, this sign projects some conflicting messages with the yellow CAUTION tape blocking access to the structure while the sign itself states “Proceed With Caution”. (image via mebrett)

Quiet Please

Liberate The Little Library! Lockdowns don’t just affect bricks & mortar “walk-in” stores, as is the case with the above Little Free Library box in southeastern Ohio, yet it would appear that “regular” libraries here are still open for business. Confused? You won’t be, after this episode of soap used to wash your hands after reading potentially contaminated library books. (image via Dan Keck)


Looks like it’s standing room only at this London, UK park… and please, DON’T stand, squat or sleep on this bench even if those particular positions aren’t literally proscribed! We’re not actually sure WHY sitting on a park bench is now forbidden though the tiny fine print stating “We apologise for any inconvenience caused” will surely mollify visitors – even you, Aqualung. (image via citytransportinfo)

Drive Flu Window

You know things are serious when even mighty McD’s is limiting their offerings, although exactly WHAT menu items are off the table, so to speak, isn’t mentioned on the sign. Guess you have to order first and be disappointed later – and we’re sure NOBODY is going to freak out when the anonymous speaker-voice tells them they can’t get their daily fix of McNuggets. (image via Dan Keck)

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