Lost Gasp: An Environmental Plague Of Trashed Face Masks

Every breath you take (off), we’ll be watching you… so DON’T add to the plague of trashed masks and DO take time to properly dispose of used face coverings.

Some Geyser Dumb

OK, so The Police aren’t enforcing proper mask and PPE disposal (too busy touring, we suppose) but is it really so hard to DO DO DO the right thing? Well, maybe it is… America’s national parks aren’t exactly overflowing with trash bins and the ones that ARE available are often overflowing with trash. Still, can’t park visitors simply stuff their own used mask in a pocket instead of despoiling a natural landmark like the pristine Turquoise Pool at the Midway Geyser Basin? The photos above say “no… no they can’t.” (images via Yellowstone National Park)

Rich Man, Sapporo Man

Well, so much for Japan being crime-free and litter-free. Though comparatively rare, look long enough and you’ll find one or the other… or in this case, a little of both. “Another face mask on the ground, this time in Sapporo near the Central Police Station,” according to the photographer. That’s a bold strategy, cotton mask tosser, let’s see if it pays off for ’em. (image via Stuart Rankin)

First We’ll Trash Manhattan

“Surgical masks have begun to litter sidewalks,” stated the photographer on March 21 of 2020 when NYC was effectively America’s epidemic epicenter. Looking back, those dark days seem so far away but this image serves as a reminder that flattening the curve wasn’t any fauxity of Fauci, it was a plan that paid off. (image via Billie Grace Ward)

A Fine Michigan Mess

In the season of the pandemic, trees have begun to sprout strange leaves which, like poison ivy, are to be avoided like the… you know. The landscaped border of a parking lot at McLaren Central Michigan hospital in Mount Pleasant should be a cheerier place, even in early April. Unfortunately, “patients and visitors have been arriving at the hospital wearing masks, gloves, and all sorts of protective gear – many items are discarded in the parking lot and surrounding area,” according to the photographer. Too bad… they may need them when they return for treatment. (image via Dan Gaken)

Chicago Sic Transit Authority

Tossing your mask to the wind in The Windy City? Not a great idea – even worse when we’re dealing with a respiratory virus. DOH! The photographer snapped the discarded face mask above at the CTA Francisco L Station; likely a less than reassuring sight to the countless commuters forced to live, work and play in the midst of a global pandemic. Somebody should “train” these people to dispose of their litter properly. (image via Raed Mansour)

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