Brought To Heal: 10 Awesome Animal Hospital Signs

Brought To Heal: 10 Awesome Animal Hospital Signs
Animal hospitals and veterinary clinics advertise to pet owners, not pets, which might explain the thought processes behind these thought-provoking shop signs.

U Mad, Dog?

Is your poodle foaming at the mouth? If so, make rabid transit to this animal hospital in the village of Assagao, Goa, India! Let’s just press “paws” for a moment: including “Rabies” in the name of your animal hospital might seem a tad extreme.

One might also assume that the vast majority of pets and animals admitted to the clinic are not, in fact, rabid. We get that, and we’re sure the hospital owners get it too, but what do you expect them to name the place, “Mission Hairball”? (animal hospital images above via Frederick Noronha)

The Dog Doc is IN

Oh, just an animal hospital in Japan announcing their expanded list of services – in an eye-catching hot pink font, no less. They even go the extra mile by being bilingual, in an effort to reach as many DOG (“DOC”) and CAT (“DOG”) owners as possible. Hmm, on second thought, this is one of those times where less really is more. (animal hospital image via Hajime NAKANO)

Mouse Get Tears

Does your pampered pet need patching-up? The Balmain Veterinary Hospital in Sydney, Australia has got the cure for what ails… umm, is that a rat? Yeah, we know, rats make amazing pets and they’re so smart and a rat named Yentl once saved a girl from a house fire. OK, sure, fine, bring your not-so-radiant rodent here, and be sure it gets a plague shot. That goes for you too, chum. (animal hospital image via JAM Project)

The Brakes Fast Club

Life moves pretty fast, according to Ferris Bueller. If you don’t STOP and look around once in a while, you could miss it. You could also miss this big blue sign’s advertisements for the Monticello Animal Hospital, The Pet Motel & Salon, and the Calvary Chapel… the latter in case things don’t work out well at either the clinic or the salon. Also, try not to eat any animals on the way to the parking lot, mmkay? (animal hospital image via peggydavis66)

Not Ghana Happen

Arrive irritated, leave irradiated at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission Veterinary Clinic! Free x-rays for every pet, pet owner, and the staff! You can even get a “postmoterm” exam, whatever that might be – maybe they’ll check your oil. As for the curiously retro photo of a VERY Caucasian vest-wearing veterinarian and his golden retriever, the less said the better. (animal hospital image via BillBl)

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