Love Fur Sale: 10 Non-Dogmatic Pet Shop Signs

Pet shops seem to be a vanishing species, so to speak, and these pet store signs hint at the real cost of that doggie in the window.

See Food, Be Food

Donna’s Aquatic Pet Shop and Lee’s Seafood Co., Inc managed to cover all the fish market bases… and by “market”, we mean the market for both pets AND dinner. The two businesses were located at 3055 W Lawrence Ave in Albany Park, an eclectic and diverse community on the Northwest Side of Chicago. While it’s not unusual for two different shops to share the same building – one on the ground floor and the other upstairs – it’s a whole ‘nother, wholly disturbing story when both shops share the same phone number. Yikes!

Speaking of markets, the free market eventually decided the fate of Donna & Lee’s aberrant aquarium/abattoir. The most recent Yelp review (for Donna’s) dates from early 2008, and the popular crowd-sourced ratings service states that the business has been closed. ‘Bye Donna and Lee… and thanks for all the fish! (pet shop sign image at top via Fuzzy Gerdes and cropped images above via Rob)

Check It & See

You don’t have to be a “Foreigner” to love the Cold Blooded Reptile Centre in Rainham, Essex, UK but if you are, we’re guessing you (and your little snake, too) can do more than dance. This popular pet shop has flourished for well over a decade, earning a sparkling reputation and legions of loyal customers. One reviewer stated glowingly, “Everytime I got advice from them I took it and it worked everytime.” One might say they’ve got the best solution for a reptile dysfunction. (pet shop sign image via Sludge G)

One Two Thee

If Megan Thee Stallion decided to open a pet shop, the former Thee Fishbowl in Evanston IL would be it… sorry, they’re all out of ponies. The thing is, if Mega Meg did decide on a radical career change the lineup would be so long you wouldn’t be able to get in the door. Also, there doesn’t appear to BE a door. Brilliant! (pet shop sign image via duncan c)

Creatures Featured

Who owned this pet shop, the Addams Family? Did the former Groom Pet Shop (opened in 1952; now a Yogurty’s frozen yogurt store) sell rats, bats, black cats and recovering Pet Sematary inter-ees there? It’s not enough the word “Groom” rhymes with “gloom” and “doom”, they doubled-down on the darkness by using a fang-tastic Gothic font in deepest midnight black. The finishing touch is the lightning-like crack threatening to shatter the sign like the fist of an angry Dog. (pet shop sign image via Anthony Easton)

Cleanup In Aisle 5

Exploding cat, exploding cat, what have they been feeding you? We’re guessing Pop Rocks and Pepsi – don’t try that at home, kids! In any case, you can get one of these er, Tactical Kittens over at Sadie’s (not “Sadist’s”) Pet Shop in supposedly feline-friendly Edmonton, Alberta. (pet shop sign image via purplejavatroll)

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