Over Blown: 10 Aired-Out Abandoned Fans

Don’t get all hot & bothered but these turned off, torn down and dropped out abandoned fans have sadly shifted their last cooling air molecule.

Fan Club

This officially licensed Hello Kitty fan has seen better days but to be fair, haven’t we all? With that said, nobody wants to get up in your grill about a fan so cheap its former owners didn’t bother taking it along when they moved. Nobody wants to get anywhere near this Hello Kitty fan’s rusty grill either, so kudos to the photographer for doing the dirty work for us. (images at top and above via longzijun)

Canned Fandango

Stuck in Spain on a steamy summer’s eve? All you need is a jumbo cooling fan and a clean mattress, so here ya go! Unfortunately, the fan’s busted beyond repair and the mattress… well, some things are better left unsaid. (image via Arria Belli)

Barn To Cool

One does not simply abandon a farm without leaving fans and fixtures in place. We assume the abandoners remooved the occupants, at least. That way there’s no crying over spilled milk. (image via Shawn Nystrand)

Wave Goodbye

Rusted and seized up as it is, there’s no mistaking the mid-century design genius exemplified by this abandoned electric desk fan. A closer look reveals that it’s not just ANY fan; it’s a gen-u-ine Cold Wave fan from the venerable Sears, Roebuck and Company. Sears is still in business – barely – but it’s unlikely their product line includes anything quite as “cool” as this fan. (image via craigfinlay)

Cage Match

Did the above New Jersey fan once support the Nets or the Devils? Why not both? To be sure, both teams played any number of barn-burner games and when the barn gets hot, there’s nothing like an industrial fan to cool off tempers, not to mention cows and chickens. (image via jgurbisz)

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