The Burn Identity: 10 Smokin’ Hot Smoking Area Signs

Lightin’ up, Francis? Make sure you follow the signs and only smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette in the designated smoking area identified – or misidentified – below.

Back To Square One

You know the Germans, they always make good Smoking Area signs. Take the two above – economically painted on the ground in high-visibility yellow paint. The yellow square offers an obvious contrast with the typical red circle with diagonal bar; the latter universally used to denote non-smoking areas. Still no cure for second-hand smoke emanating from these open-air smoking areas but hey, one thing at a time! (images via Winfried Mosler at top and Pablo above)


Travelers may encounter segregation of the genders in public places when they visit some of the more traditionalist foreign countries, and also Meriden, Connecticut. Good to know that society has progressed to the point where the fairer sex is afforded separate but equal smoking areas. Next thing you know, they’ll be driving and voting! (image via Marcus Balcher)

Quoth The Vaper, Evermore

So what you’re telling us is the “smoking area”, which isn’t actually a smoking area, has been moved and now can be found under the “overhang”, which really isn’t an actual overhang but something that sort of hangs over? Got it, sort of. Think we’ve got an actual hangover just trying to read between the quote-heavy lines. (image via Bill Smith)

Hush, Puffers

Once a nanny state, always a nanny state: first they advise smokers they have to butt out, next they’re telling them to shut up too! That said, isn’t the act of smoking kind of a hush-hush activity… oh wait, we must be having a flashback to school days. (image via zaphad1)

Smoked Out

To smoke or not to smoke, that is the question… actually, it’s one of MANY questions prompted by the above smoking area sign’s convoluted wording. We’ll take the easy way out and simply recommend that all so-called “smoked visitors” consider themselves lucky they’re not steamed, stirred or shaken visitors. (image via Steve Stair)

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