Fur Bidden: 10 Notable ‘No Animals’ Allowed Signs

The signs are clear: with the Anthropocene apocalypse in full swing, people may be missing the big picture when it comes to animal extinctions.

Where Wolf?

Orange you glad wolves aren’t allowed in this part of Carcaixent, an ancient city in the heart of Spain’s citrus-growing region? So, like, leave your wolf at home when you visit – or better yet, don’t visit at all as there appears to be an issue with wolves roaming about. (images at top via Carlos Lorenzo and above via Kiko Alario Salom)

Toad Away Zone

If you thought San Francisco had gone to the dogs, think again. Indeed, having finally solved the problem of pestering pooches, put-upon San Franciscans (San Francisqueños? San Francisqueñix’s??) have turned their exclusionary efforts upon a more primal, dare we say “biblical” plague. That, or a disgruntled dog-owner took out their frustrations by vandalizing a sign. Why not both? (image via Ben Chun)

New Clear Option

Canines aren’t allowed here – it’s as clear as the dog on the sign above. Mock if you like, but you can’t write this one off as a misguided individual effort: the sign bears all the hallmarks of a professional design intended for multiple and repeated printings. As disturbing as this sign looks, consider that someone (or someones, as in a planning committee) commissioned it, looked at it, approved it, and paid for it. Your tax dollars at work! (image via Erik Wilde)

Cows For Concern

Cape Verdeans don’t want cattle in their forests – actually, no one (cows included) wants that. That said, the weatherbeaten sign above serves as a graphic reminder for complacent cowboys to moooove the herd elsewhere should their bovine charges graze too far afield… as in OUT of the field. (image via Heidi De Vries)

Stuff It!

Suffice to say, Thanksgiving’s gonna be a tad awkward at this guy’s house. Weren’t there any NO GREEN BEANS signs for sale? ‘Cuz that might have met with a LOT more approval. And don’t even get us started on Ambrosia. (image via ActiveSteve)

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