Last Warning: 12 Bizarre ‘Signs’ Of The Coming Apocalypse

Climate change, dwindling resources and food shortages aren’t the only signs of an impending apocalypse, as these dozen bizarre actual signs clearly illustrate.


Cat got yer tongue? Stop blubbering, revenge is nigh! Now hold on there, pet-lovers and PETA, no one’s actually advocating the blinding of our feline overlords – we mean, er, best friends fur-evah! Seriously, de-clawing is enough of an abomination in and of itself, right? That said, you might want to avoid the main roads when taking Mister Tuxedo Pants to visit the vet… it seems the Three Blind Mice have come up with a nefarious revenge plan of their own. (images via brett jordan at top and Rob Watling above)

Fast Re-Leaf

“Watch out for that tree!”… that goes for you AND George of the Jungle. Yes friends and neighbors (and unwary landscapers), it has come to this – if people won’t go green, the greens are gonna go. Mind you, at 10mph they’re not gonna go far but you know what they say: slow and steady wins the race. (image via daveynin)

Name That Truth

So you’re telling us it’s illegal to use a legal name now? Using that “logic”, would it be legal to use an illegal name? Wouldn’t that be uhh, fraudulent? In any case, someone appears to have paid big bucks for these signs, which is quite an accomplishment for anyone who chooses to go nameless. (image via Pete)

Foiled, Not Soiled

It’s not clear whether the aluminum foil in question is recycled – as one might reasonably expect for an environmentally responsible community on Whidbey Island – or is about to be recycled and as such, should ideally be uncontaminated by say, contaminants. Either way, you’d think it would be easier to just pick up a roll of Reynold’s Wrap at the local grocery. It’s tinfoil y’know, not gold leaf. Less gross as well. (image via elizaIO)

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