Recycle Paths: 10 Odd & Unexpected Recycling Bins

Recycling bins for metal, cardboard, plastic and glass are commonplace nowadays but why stop there when so much other so-called “trash” deserves a second chance!

Gum Be Pokey

Old and busted: chewing gum losing its flavor on the bedpost overnight. New hotness: recycling your used chewing gum by depositing it into these handy recycling bins! Betcha didn’t know gum could even be recycled and, in fact, neither did we – is it all a big con? Is this just some sneaky way to stop folks from simply spitting out their used-up gum and despoiling the pedestrian environment? If so, well… we’re OK with that. Now if they could only come up with a recycling bin for cigarette butts! (images at top via a_marga and above via Cory Doctorow)

Hold Onto Your Butts

Well wouldn’t ya know it, there actually IS a cigarette butt recycling bin – there’s ONE, at least, and it can be found in Woodville, a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. Though it’s not stated expressly WHAT the collected filters will be re-purposed into, the helpful text on the bin itself states “We’ll regularly clean your butt…” wait, what?? Our bad, the full text reads “We’ll regularly clean your butt bin so you don’t have to.” Whew, that’s umm… better? (image via Michael Coghlan)

Wrath of Grapes

If there’s a wine bottle recycling bin on the street corner, we must be in Paris. Indeed, the City of Light is an obvious hotbed of wine consumption and the authorities are well aware of that fact – check out the size of that bin! (image via faungg’s photos)

Coming Zune

The great Zune/iPod Wars have long since passed but bitter memories remain of the painful sacrifices made by devoted fanbois – that Zune tattoo is FOR EVAH, dude. Relations between the main manufacturers were less than warm as well, as is attested to by the above iPod Amnesty Bin installed in the entryway of the “Zune HQ” at Microsoft’s Bear Creek offices in Redmond, WA, back in May of 2007. One PR flack suggested the bin was meant as a morale booster for the Zune team, which might have been effective in the short run – Microsoft discontinued the Zune in mid-2012. (image via Rex Sorgatz)

Reel Eco-Friendly

Forget What’s My Line?, the real question should be “WHERE’S My Line?”… and if it’s used monofilament fishing line, its location should be within one of these convenient used fishing line recycling bins installed (hopefully) at your local marina. For more info on this clever & caring initiative, visit the Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program (MRRP) online. (image via Everglades National Park)

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