12 Great Galleries | 500+ Incredible Images

These galleries gather stunning works of elemental art, cutting-edge works of green design and technology and eye-popping high-definition resolution photographs of nature in all its many forms.

Collection 1: Stunning Earth Art and Artists

42 Magnificent Works of Earth and Land Art: While earthworks are amazing, and modern artists are still setting world records for their enormous land art, many land artists and earth artworks occur on a much more small and delicate scale. From large to small, here are some of the most stellar examples. re-done-strip
42 Wonderful Works of Water, Snow and Ice Art: Water as a fluid is difficult to control, amazing in its complexity and a constant challenge to mankind – from floods to droughts. These artists have found ways to tame these element, steering or controlling it at least long enough to make a curious shape or statement. strip-montage-12
30 Awesome Works of Air, Sky and Wind Art: If water is hard to manage, the winds and skies can be even more unpredictable. From solar powered installations to humorous cloud puppetry here are a series of artists that take the air above as a form of inspiration, motivation or even source of energy for their artworks.


42 Phenomenal Works of Fire Art and Design: More than any other element, fire has properties that dazzle our perceptions in powerful and dangerous ways – there is always an element of chaos mixed in with even the most controlled burns, which adds excitement and unpredictability into every fire art mix.

Collection 2: Awesome Alternative Energy Designs

25 Brilliant Geothermal Energy and Biomass Power Designs: Water, wind and solar are often the most talked-about alternative energy generators – but power of the Earth itself? Thermal and biomass power solutions tap into the ground all around us and can allow humans to leverage one of the most abundant sources of energy on the planet. strip-montage-2
16 Wonderful Hydroelectric, Wave and Tidal Water Power Designs: As everyone knows, most of our planetary surface is covered in water – and there are many ways to tap into the flows and cycles of these giant bodies to sustainably harvest energy without damaging the Earth. strip-montage-3
14 Fantastic Solar Power Designs and Systems: Solar power is no longer confined to the limited (and limiting) technology of solar panels. Today's solar power options are abundant and their applications range in scale immensely. From tiny and portable to gigantic and building-spanning here are some particularly fantastic solar designs. strip-montage-4
16 Wild Winder Power Designs and Systems: When someone mentions wind power most people immediately think of giant farms with huge turbines turning slowly in the breeze. However, there are much more efficient, sustainable, durable and generally ingenious wind power innovations already in play or waiting in the wings.

Collection 3: Elemental HDR Nature Photography

25 Stunning HDR Nature, Landscape and Mountain Photos: HDR photography has a unique way of bringing out colors, lights and darks in a way that sometimes seems more real than reality but at other times lets the viewer of the image experience what the photographer experienced. This photo gallery explores nature, natural landscapes and how they intersect with artificial landscapes and human structures. strip-montage-6
25 Chilling HDR Water, Beach, Snow and Ice Photos: Water, snow and ice are such interesting subjects to shoot for any photographer due to their variability and richness in texture, formations and reflectivity. Shot in HDR, the subjects in this image gallery can be viewed in new and unique lights and certain aspects of their character are brought to the surface in a way ordinary photography simply can't achieve. strip-montage-7
25 Scorching HDR Sun, Smoke, Volcano and Fire Photos: Sun, fire and light HDR photography is sometimes challenging but often rewarding as the layering of various images into a single composite allows photographers to show off various aspects of a single perspective without losing any of them to excess light or shadow. This image gallery features various sun, fire and smoke phenomena through the lense of HDR. strip-montage-8
25 Sublime HDR Sky, Weather and Cloud Photos: Normal photography has a hard time capturing some of the amazingly varied forms that simple clouds can take during relatively clear days and the worst of stormy weather. Add lightning and other sky elements and the game changes even more, the color palettes are far broader than the simple blues and whites one comes to expect when looking up into the air. strip-montage-9
25 Vibrant HDR Pets, Tame and Wild Animal Photos: Animals, tame or wild, are favorite photographic subjects for everyone. For HDR photographers, however, they present unique opportunities to play with forground ad background, subject and setting, by enhancing the contrast between an animal and its surroundings or blurring the two together in the image to show their interrelationship as in many cases in this gallery. If you enjoyed what you found in the following galleries, be sure to stop and sign up for the feed and visit the  WebUrbanist Galleries for unusual graffitigreen designghost cities other wonders of the modern world. Love design, images and innovation? Also be see the Dornob Galleries for offbeat and amazing architectureincredible interiors and fantastic furniture. Also be sure to stop by the all new Gajitz dot Com for great new gadget designsstrange and sensational science and terrific innovative technologies with a twist.