25 Sublime HDR Sky, Weather and Cloud Photos

(Images via: Dean Souglass, Joisey Showaa and Bob Jagendorf)

The type, shape and color of clouds can actually tell a great deal about what is going on within them, what time of day it is as well as what they portend for the near future of local weather systems. From bright blue sunny skies and other amazing air phenomena and formations to multicolored thunderclouds and chilling airborne disasters and weather patterns, multiple-exposure HDR photography of the sky can capture many amazing sky colors and cloud formations that are otherwise difficult to shoot.

(image via JdeePanIII)

When it comes to air photography the most prominent interplay is between cloud and air. While many shots show a beautiful range of whites and blues, what we think of as the traditional colors of the sky, some photographers have managed to capture the other colors in the rainbow – often when there is an intersection of weather systems and some kind of storm on the horizon. Click to enlarge:

This concludes week four of a four-week four-elements series, including amazing air phenomena and formations and chilling airborne disasters and weather patterns.