Whirled Piece: 10 Nifty ‘No Drones’ Signs

Drones overhead, overlooking all and overstaying their welcome? These nifty “No Drones” signs order intrusive unmanned observers and their operators to buzz off.

The Inter Nyet

Let’s not be Russian to judgment here but flying a drone over the Kremlin just might garner errant operators a free trip to Siberia… one way, non-stop, cattle class. Anyone notice the drone graphic on the sign looks disturbingly like an airborne version of the malfunctioning ED-209 Enforcement Droid from Robocop? Maybe that was the intent: in post-soviet Russia, drone fly YOU! (no drones sign images above via Marco Verch under a CC BY 2.0 license)

Translate Mania

This sturdy and stylish No Drones sign hails from… care to take a guess? Nope, you’re all wrong, it’s Dove Lake in Tasmania, Australia! We have to assume this spectacularly scenic spot is favored by tourists from China… and the other China, also known as Taiwan. Why else display text warning against using drones in both the Traditional Chinese script used in Taiwan, and Simplified Chinese characters used in mainland China? (no drones sign image via r reeve)

Castle Hassle

Have fun droning the castle… NOT! Could this No Drones sign from historic Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, UK be any more snooty? No, none more snooty. OK, they could always add a pic of Eustace Tilley, the foppish dandy on the original cover of The New Yorker magazine who’s the poster boy for snootiness. (no drones sign image via Richard Brunton)

A Snitch in Time

Wot’s all this then? The Metropolitan Police in London would like you to know you can call them, and call them often… like, 999 times often. Oh, they mean call “999”, not call them 999 times – their switchboard operator will be SO relieved. That said, one wonders why anyone reporting unauthorized drone flights would want to contact a UK power punk band from the ’70s unless it was an er, Emergency. (no drones sign image via Steve Bowbrick)

Ponies Not Dronies

Not getting a kick out of drone flights over your Old West-themed motion picture set/settlement? Don’t just shoot ’em down with a six-gun! Instead, post a sign designed to suit Pioneertown‘s cinematic wild west vibe! We gotta say, when it comes to good, bad and ugly No Drones signs, this one’s worth a fistful of dollars… maybe even a few dollars more. (no drones sign image via maja kuzmanovic)

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