Off Fence: 8 Way Out There ‘Stray Animals’ Signs

This selection of ‘Stray Animals’ signs reveals the control freak side of humanity that won’t be satisfied ’til all our carefully counted ducks are in a row.

‘Rooed Awakening

As if their native wildlife isn’t dangerous enough, The Land Down Under’s adding stray domesticated critters to the mix. Even worse, it would appear the natives (kangaroos) and the imports (cattle) are teaming up to form fearsome (but tasty) hybrids. Welcome to pre-apocalyptic Australia, where driving down to the local supermarket is akin to starring in your own, personal The Road Warrior reboot. As for the “Straya” on the modified sign above, you wouldn’t understand – it’s an OZ thing. (images at top via Michael Theis and above via Andrew S)

Cattle Call

Where’s a good cowboy when you need one? Not in the Manila suburb of Dasmarinas, evidently, or the sign above wouldn’t be there to remind y’all to keep your steers securely stored. Also, good luck to the city bylaw enforcement officers charged with “impounding” said stray cattle – they’re gonna need a bigger tow truck and some lasso lessons. (image above via antefixus21)

Kitty Littering

Today’s word to the wise traveler: when in Lima, Peru, don’t abandon your cats in the street! Actually, one shouldn’t abandon cats anywhere, anytime or anyplace but we digress. In any case, our offered advice is that Stray Cat Strut is just a song and not a suggestion. Offer void where prohibido and prohibido where void. (image above via David Berkowitz)

Unfor Gibbon

Looks like someone’s barrel is one monkey short, leading to a negative impact on the local level of fun. It’s interesting that the sign only indicates the presence of a lone wayward primate and not repeated random roaming apes. Yep, there’s always that one guy. (image above via S. N. Johnson-Roehr (JR))

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