Garbage Baggage: 10 International ‘No Plastic Bags’ Signs

Sorry, The Graduate guy, but plastics are NOT the future and these ‘No Plastics’ signs aim at putting those poisonous petrochemical pouches in the bag.

Carrying A Torture

As plastic trash increasingly chokes the life out of ecosystems the world over, precious few have mustered the courage to take an eco-friendly stand. Among the latter is an official torture er, tourist authority in southern India that doesn’t mince words when it comes to saving our planet from ourselves.

It makes a bold contrast with the subject of our lead image. Buy plastic bags at Red Sea Plastic Bags, dispose of said bags in said Red Sea, buy more plastic bags at… well, you get the polluted picture. It’s the great circle of life lost through littering. (cropped image at top via Lars Plougmann and image above via Sistak)

Unfunny Bunny

Are we having fun yet? Not according to the cartoon rabbit on the eco-bag above. C’mon folks, we can turn that fur-bearin’ varmint’s frown upside down simply by eliminating plastic from our lives. Or, you know, we could always cut corners by just turning the bag upside down, but that would just create another (albeit very localized) environmental mess. Sad! (image via voltra jaibo)

Baby Steps

That stealthy sneaker at the lower right indicates the above anti-plastic sticker can’t be missed – especially by members of the heads-down tribe whose gaze is/are fixated upon their smartphone screens. But we digress: the ad’s against the use of plastic, isn’t it? You just know some wise guy/gal’s gonna be demanding their Free Plastic Bag at the checkout. (image via Kojach)

Plastic Begs

We asked you nicely to stop polluting the planet with plastic and where did that get us? Yeah… so now it’s time to enlist a Higher Power through the power of thoughts and prayers. If only there was a patron saint of ecology to whom those prayers could be directed… and indeed there is! In 1979, Pope John Paul II issued a papal bull declaring St. Francis of Assisi to be the patron of ecology and those who promote ecology. That was isi! (image via Joegoauk Goa)

Stone Cold Stupid

You have to wonder about the mindset of someone who displays their disdain for plastic by painting a rock. It’s like, they love the Earth so much they’re willing to sacrifice everything that makes it “pure” and natural by employing something both impure and unnatural. Two wrongs make a right? No sir (or ma’am), they only make things worse – and make you look like an idiot. (image via Jaya Ramchandani)

Ever wonder just how bad the plastic trash problem really is? Check out Littoral Litter: Toxic Beach Trash By The Numbers!

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