Bird Brained: 7 Amazing Statues Conquered By Pigeons

Backhanded Compliment

Bird Brained: 7 Amazing Statues Conquered By Pigeons

If the above statue has the right to bare arms, then this pigeon has the right to roost right on those bare right arms. Right? Right on! (image via Jeremy Monin)

* Fun Pigeon Fact: While all pigeons are edible, so-called “utility pigeons” bred for human consumption are mainly comprised of the large, white-feathered King Pigeon breed.

Cooing Bald

Bird Brained: 7 Amazing Statues Conquered By Pigeons

Though the sculptor can’t have intended it, the expression on this statue’s face is pretty much what yours or ours might be should a pigeon land on our head. Unlike us, however, the poor statue can’t move a marble muscle to dislodge the squatter. The moral of this story is, of course, Don’t Get Stoned. (image via Bill Tyne)

* Fun Pigeon Fact: Pigeons were first brought to North America roughly 400 years ago and almost immediately began to go feral. As they’re considered to be an invasive species, they are not subject to protection under the USA/Canada Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 (MBTA).

Bird Dog

Bird Brained: 7 Amazing Statues Conquered By Pigeons

Ignominy Part Deux – Canine Boogaloo comes to you from an medieval fountain in Siena Campo, Tuscany, Italy. Said the dog to the pigeon, “If I wasn’t in this statue I’d show you what good hunting dogs are made of!” Replied the pigeon, “But ya are, ya are in the statue, Blanche, and since you’re made of marble all you can do is drool.” Sad. (image via Chris)

* Fun Pigeon Fact: Feral pigeons can transmit a variety of pathogens to humans, including those that may cause psittacosis, histoplasmosis, and cryptococcosis.

Trigger Happy

Bird Brained: 7 Amazing Statues Conquered By Pigeons

Not exactly The Man With The Golden Gun now, is he? Kudos to the photographer for capturing this powerful image with a simple message: never bring a loaded pigeon to a statue fight. (image via Fabio Venni)

* Fun Pigeon Fact: When they’re not casually defiling statuary, pigeons spend their time walking about while bobbing their heads like heavy metal fans in heat. They do this to stabilize their visual surroundings – something humans do NOT do (headbangers notwithstanding) because we move our eyes instead of our entire heads. Pigeon-toed we may be; pigeon-eyed we be not!

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