Web Beware: 7 Fang-tastic Spider Signs

Spiders are on the ‘creepy’ end of most people’s creepy-crawler approval scales so spider signs like these can help the web weaver wary avoid being er, stranded.

Why, Wyoming?

Poison Spider Off-Road Vehicle Park is a 284-acre open OHV play area”… probably the only time you’ll read “poison spider” and “play area” in the same sentence. Just what kind of family is the BLM pitching this place too, The Addams Family? (images at top and above via BLM Wyoming, Brady Owens)

Can’t Touch This

There are times and places where warning signs really aren’t required. This is one of those times and places. So you’re telling us not to touch a spider the size of a small poodle? Fine, you ARE my supervisor! (image via swimfinfan)


Speaking of The Addams Family, this could be their house. Gothic architecture? Check. Huge black spiders whose webs resemble sticky chain link fencing? Double-check. Are we gonna park there? Never mind, we’ve already checked out. (image via Jill Robidoux)

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