Has Bin: 10 Unfiltered Cigarette Butts Bins & Signs

Bin smoking? Flicking butts used to be cool but now there are “signs” times are changing for careless smokers charged with polluting the air, land and sea.

Stub Signs

Bad news everyone, most cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate fibers, a non-biodegradable plastic-like material that behaves just like plastic in the oceans. Over time, the sun’s UV rays break the fibers down into smaller and smaller pieces similar to microplastics. Smoking: is there any harm it can’t do?

The warning signs displayed on either side of the above sign from Birmingham, UK encourage smokers to do the right thing and bin their butts. If only there were a dedicated bin nearby where such butts might be deposited… baby steps, Birmingham, baby steps! (images at top and above via Elliot Brown)


Don’t tell Cyber Ninjas but this pea-green Ballot Bin (#NeatStreets) from Euston, London, UK just might be the solution for America’s so-called election integrity issues. First, of course, they’ll have to pass the Smoking Rights bill and then encourage everyone of legal age to Register and Smoke. If you think that might happen, then we wonder just what it is you’re smoking. (image via Matt Brown)

The End Is Near

Won’t someone think of the chil-er, cockroaches? Wait, someone has! From the Darlington-Eveleigh (Sydney) Department of Demotivational Redundancy Department comes this anti-littering, anti-cancer and possibly pro-cockroach poster that manages to belabor the point while obfuscating it at the same time. As the poster itself states, “Good job!” (image via Newtown grafitti)

Do Butt In

Fish butts, fish butts, smoky-smoky fish butts… stop the music, this is NOT the smoked fish you were looking for! “Butt” we digress – good on the authorities at Aldinga Beach in Adelaide, South Australia for providing this handy-dandy butt bin for beach-goers. Bad on the beach-goers who somehow missed noticing the bin and tossed their butts on the ground around it – thus missing it on multiple levels. Are humans the worst people or what? (image via Michael Coghlan)

Nuff’s Enough

Just how many cigarette butts are “enough”? It’s a reasonable question to ask, since the authorities at a South African beach are demanding quite strenuously (double-exclamation points!!) that we stop dropping them. One stat they’re not shy about is the “14,5 mins per cigarette” smokers can gain by simply not puffing up in the first place. Also, how about emptying that bin every once in a while, hmm? (image via Francois Terrier)

Did you know there are “butts” in the ocean? Check out Butt Ugly: Deep-Sea Assfish Is Aptly Named!

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