Gobble Wobble: Delicious Turkey Eggs Are No Yolk!

Too chicken to try turkey eggs? Well the yolk’s on you, ‘cuz farm fresh turkey eggs are often tastier than the traditional Thanksgiving bird itself.

Talkin’ Turkey

Americans love their eggs – to the tune of 250 or so annually, prepared in more deliciously varied recipes than you can shake a (drum)stick at. Speaking of which, we love our turkey too: the erstwhile all-star of the Pilgrims’ traditional first feast ranks fourth on the list of consumed meats, with chicken, beef and pork leading the way. (images at top and above via Cara Faus)

Where’s the Bird?

It’s reasonable to ask, therefore, why turkey eggs aren’t more popular given the historic abundance of turkeys on our farms – roughly 233 million birds in 2015, according to the National Turkey Federation – and every fourth Thursday in November, on our dinner tables. (image via Cara Faus)

No Eggs-aggeration

On the face of it, turkey eggs beat (no pun intended) chicken eggs hands down. They’re bigger, for one thing, making each order of scrambled, sunny-side-up, and poached goodness that much uhh, gooder. Turkey eggs are also sourced from free running and free-ranging birds as opposed to industrialized battery hens confined in a Matrix-like constellation of cages. That’s good, right? Well, yes… good for the turkeys, to be sure. (image via Mike Czyzewski)

Still wondering which came first – the chic- er, turkey or the egg? Check out Great Gobblers: 7 Amazing Heritage Turkeys!

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