Power Fill: 10 International Battery Recycling Bins

As battery recycling switches into high gear, nations around the world are helping consumers discharge & dispose of their used batteries in an eco-friendly way.

British Recycling Green

Recycling bins often display bright hues designed to attract public attention, and the most popular shade is… wait for it… green! This overhead shot of a battery bin in Cambridge, UK incorporates all the right stuff including a variety of graphic images, clever implementation of the international recycling symbol, and a contrasting black & Leaf Green paint job. There is one off-note, however: an advisory stating this bin is for “portable batteries only”. It would appear to be impossible to fit a non-portable battery into the bin’s opening no matter how hard one tries. Oh, and if a battery’s not portable, how ya gonna get it to the bin? (images above via Neil McIntosh)

Calm Bin Nation

Recycling serves a noble purpose to be sure, yet people tend to lose interest in causes that don’t impact them directly and immediately. Therefore, efforts to make recycling simpler and easier simply make sense. Here’s a perfect example from Tel Aviv, Israel: installing a small battery collection box outside a larger plastic bottle recycling bin. It’s a one stop shop for disposables to be dropped. (image via Yaffa Phillips)

Supersize It

Nobody expects the Spanish electrician! We certainly didn’t expect to see a battery recycling bin designed to look like an enormous battery on the streets of Granada, Spain, but here we are… and there it is. Good to see Big Battery is working in the public interest for a charge, er, a change. (image via Daniel Lobo)

Street Screening

Here’s another Spanish streetside battery recycling kiosk, this time from Zaragoza. The format is slightly different here with a large smartphone-screen-shaped billboard bearing text that translates to “For a cleaner future, Zaragoza collects its used batteries.” Sounds like the right call to make, in any language. (image via Martin Belam)

Three R’s Revisited

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” sounds a whole lot better than Readin’, Writin’ & ‘Rithmatic and the former actually begin with actual R’s. Now that’s the kind of initiative we expect to find in the classroom, even if the class teaches yoga and the room is in Kenya. Thanks, Obama? (image via afromusing)

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