Bad Wrap: 7 Examples Of Wasteful Food Overpackaging

Wasteful overpackaging is defeating efforts to present food, fruit and veggies as green alternatives for those pursuing eco-friendly lifestyles.

How ‘Bout Dem Apples?

Overpackaging is an oft-unforeseen result of best intentions aimed at giving consumers what they want: “pristine” produce delivered in convenient quantities. That said, a new generation “woke” to the implications of climate change, shocked by images of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and alarmed by reports of plastic pollution in general are realizing that some sacrifices must be made for the sake of non-consuming creatures and, increasingly, our own long-term health as a species. Taking that POV, produce like apples – protectively packaged by Mother Nature herself – carry an air of dishonesty when swathed in plastic second skins. (images via Anna Gregory and Brett L.)

Re-Peel & Replace

Most folks don’t mind purchasing a “hand” of bananas without any extraneous packaging since bananas have thick skins and aren’t easily bruised. Buying just one, especially in the ridiculously overpackaged style depicted above, is a graphic way to give the finger, so to speak, to the environment. (image via Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures)


Kellogg’s has sold variety multipacks of single-serving cereals for decades and while much more cardboard gets used, at least cardboard is biodegradable. These plastic “On The Go” packs of Cheerios, on the other hand, appear to mock the environmental movement with their imagery of colorful smiling fish. Oh, and what are the odds someone on the go will seek out a recycling bin to properly dispose of their single-serve, single-use, plastic cereal container? (image via Travis Grathwell)

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