Eclectic Avenue: 10 Weird Animal Crossing Signs

Eclectic Avenue: 10 Weird Animal Crossing Signs
All the signs indicate zebra crossings aren’t just for zebras anymore, as these unexpectedly awesome animal crossing signs so eclectically illustrate.

Cat’s Pause

There’s a time and a place for changing a tire in Florida: the time is when you get a flat, the place is ANYWHERE BUT HERE. Indeed, while Florida Panthers haven’t been IUCN-listed as “critically endangered” since 2008, there are now roughly 230 of the cougar-like big cats roaming the wilds and not-so-wilds of southern Florida. Believe you me, this is one black cat – most aren’t black, btw – you don’t want crossing your or your vehicle’s path. (images via Lyndi & Jason, and Florida Fish and Wildlife)

Wait Until Tusk

So, like, what kind of vehicle poses a threat to a road-crossing elephant? Not your rented Camry, would be our guess: hitting one would only piss it off and… let’s just say, someone’s trunk will be left with an un-buffable mark. Maybe a better idea would be to have “Human Crossing” signs directed at Jumbo & Co. (image via Lauren D.M. Smith)

Adding Insult to Injury

Does this sign insult tortoises? It’s kinda like snout-shaming the rhinoceros by naming it er, rhinoceros. But we digress: this animal crossing sign was brought to you not by the Department of Redundancy Department, but by the staff of Rainbow Spring State Park in Dunnellon, Florida. We’d like to think that installing this sign was the highlight of their day. (image via Kristine Paulus)

Beautiful Tailgating

Relax, Florida, other states have weird animal crossing signs too. This warning sign hales from Parker, Texas, where the local peacocks would rather walk across the road rather than fly over it. In related news, peacocks walk across roads in Parker, Texas. (image via WikiThreads)

Toad De Line

These warts of wisdom come from Amager Common in Copenhagen, Denmark, where there’s no such thing as “safety in numbers” when large numbers of toads disrupt traffic on park paths. And you thought the only thing Danes had to worry about were boastful orange-skinned Americans planning to liberate Greenland. (image via Stig Nygaard)

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