Face Plant: Lüa Smart Planter Is Your Botanical Buddy

Hey bud, the Lüa smart planter turns verdant plants into virtual pets via a Tamagotchi-like screen interface that can display up to 15 different animated emotions.

Pull Up Your Plants

It’s been two decades since the Tamagotchi virtual pocket pet fad came and went, leaving an entire generation longing for some LCD love. Sulk no longer, Nineties Kids, the Lüa smart planter is here to rekindle the slumbering embers of innocent eight-bit love!

Mellow Yellow

The Lüa smart planter was created by Vivien Muller of Luxembourg-based Mu Design. While you might need pretty deep pockets to carry Lüa around like the pocket monsters of old, today’s virtual botanical pet is much happier at home. How would you know that? Simple: Lüa’s LCD screen can display 15 different animated emotions that reflect how the plant inhabiting the pot is feeling. Respond appropriately to your potted pet and (a) the plant thrives, and (b) you’ll get an almost parental sense of satisfaction viewing the “fruits” of your labor.

Planters Punch

So yeah, Lüa is cute to be sure but its main appeal is based on functionality. The planter’s body incorporates sensors that monitor and measure crucial metrics such as soil moisture, light exposure, and temperature – all in real time. The readings are then converted into one of 15 animated emotion expression faces that tell you what your plant needs… and/or what it’s getting too much of. The rest, as they say, is up to you.

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