Trashcan’t: 10 More Creative International No-Littering Signs

Littering – even just a litter bit – isn’t cool anymore or anywhere, as these 10 creative international no-littering signs quite graphically express.

Junk Culture Heroes

Encouraging people not to litter shouldn’t be so difficult but it is, because… people. Getting the message across without appearing to lecture, hector and nag means getting creative. It also means making an appeal to common AND individual interests. Take the above selections from a set of anti-littering posters conceived by Barcelona’s government in 2007, for example. You too can be a litter-al superhero; all it takes is some non-superheroic strength and the desire to do good. (images via Flickr member jpvargas)

Can It, Cat Sez

You’ve heard the old expression, “not enough room to swing a cat”? Well, in Japan there’s not enough room to toss an empty soda can without hitting a cat. Umm, don’t try that at home, kids… the trees won’t be the only ones to look down on your shenanigans. (image via Flickr member Natalie HG)

Just Chuck It

Because thick Scottish accents aren’t already borderline unintelligible, the Shetland Islands have gone to the next level… no, not plaid, but Gaelic! Good on ’em for including a wee graphic so rude and unmannerly passersby will ken the message and hopefully follow it. (image via Flickr member shirokazan)

Oh Can Nada

Lessee now, what could this sign mean… no hitchhiking? No coonskin caps? Oh wait, that’s an opened empty can and the red crossbar means don’t toss them here… winner-winner, poutine dinner! In related news, it seems the silhouette of an empty food can symbolizes litter in the Canadian province of PEI, a place where (apparently) people walk around with personal can-openers hooked onto their belts, eating cold food out of metal cans. (image via Flickr member Martin Cathrae)

Grate Expectations

All drains lead to the ocean eventually, and the #FFSLDN (For Fish’s Sake London) campaign seeks to enlighten potential litterers to this salient saline factoid. Being that the photo above was snapped in the heartland of traditional British fish & chips, you might want to take that into consideration before littering. Why? Oh, just for the halibut. (image via Flickr member Matt Brown)

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