Koalified: 7 Amazing Australian Animal Crossing Signs

Australia’s unique endemic wildlife is worth traveling to see but as these 7 animal crossing signs illustrate, the wildlife wants to travel safely as well.

Who Ya Gonna Koala?

Australia’s lovable koalas don’t spend all their time in the treetops chewing on eucalyptus leaves… sometimes they have to cross the road to get to the NEXT tree. Many don’t make it, winding up as patches of mentholatum-scented roadkill. Give the koalas a break and don’t break a koala, is what we like to say, and you should say (and do) it too! (images via Flickr members Aaron Jacobs and Peter Firminger)


Australia doesn’t have any coyotes (not yet, anyway) and it appears that their absence has allowed the native roadrunners to grow to immense proportions. Just kidding – emus aren’t related to either Wile E’s feathered foil or Plymouth’s extinct vehicle though these flightless birds DO tend to patronize paved thoroughfares down under. (image via Flickr member Greg Schechter)

Down Underworld

Sorry folks, road’s closed – sharp-fanged shrieking critter on the sign out front shoulda told ya. OK, we’re exaggerating about the closure but not about the critter: Tasmanian Devils are all that, on steroids. Devilish though they may be, these distinctive marsupials are in the midst of an epic battle with transmissible facial cancer so give the li’l demons a break and don’t drive like hell. (image via Flickr member Greg Schechter)

Hop To Tree

It’s not enough that Aussies have to dodge kangaroos at ground level, the long-eared leaping galoots have gone walkabout overhead as well! Problem? Well, consider that in addition to watching where one steps, one must also watch for incoming object from above, which the above warning sign would appear to illustrate. (image via Flickr member Tony Bowden)

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