The Verminators: 7 Amazing Amusing Pest Control Signs

See signs of pests? These 7 offbeat pest controllers ensure you’re amazed and amused as their dedicated vermin removers efficiently evict unwanted wildlife.

They See Me Nolen

Sometimes the car’s the star, other times the car’s your sign – and this is one of those times! Truly Nolen pest control is a family-owned firm founded in 1938. It has 95 locations in the USA and over 200 franchises internationally. But we digress… the company is perhaps best known for its “mouse cars”, and though not all of them are based on VW’s New Beetle, it’s definitely the most appropriate choice. Flickr members Sludge G and tracywoolery snapped a couple of the yellow bugs in 2017 and 2011, respectively.

Tall, Dark and…

Some say hand-made signs are the BEST signs and Handsome Pest Control’s roadside ad proves the point. We’re not sure which attribute we like better: the simple but effective graphics or that awesome name. Why not both? Flickr member Paul Birnie captured this and other area scenes in Soweto, South Africa, on April 1st of 2010… no foolin’.

Bugged Out

NYC’s East Village neighborhood is chock-a-block with historic character though maintaining that level of charm isn’t always easy. That’s where exterminators come in, and leave it to a New York pest control firm to post signage reading “Bug Off” and “Bug Out”. Flickr member Paul Stein snapped the slightly scruffy but no doubt bug-free storefront in August of 2006.

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