Lash Resort: Wildlife Refuge Recycles Mascara Wands

Don’t give old mascara wands the brush-off! Donate your worn-out cosmetic tools to The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, where beauty is more than fur deep.

Wands Upon A Time

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is a non-profit organization located in Skyland, a suburb of Asheville in the western part of North Carolina. Established in October of 2014, the AWR’s stated mission is “providing care for injured and orphaned wildlife, support for the wildlife rehabilitation network, and conservation education to the community.” The “care” part of that statement is where your old mascara wands come in… and they come in handy indeed!

Makeup Game

Many of the creatures who end up at the AWR get there for all the wrong reasons: they may have suffered injuries, for example, or they’ve been orphaned and cannot survive in the wild alone. Veterinary staff at centers like the AWR have traditionally used specialized tools to debride wounds, remove fly and tick eggs, and clean feeding syringes. These tools are often expensive but there are alternatives, and they come from an unexpected source.

The Eyes Had It

Mascara wands may not have been designed to be used by “rehabilitators” at wildlife centers but once they’re cleaned, these tiny brushes are ideal! Plus, the cost is negligible… but that’s where you, the mascara-wearing public, can play a vital role by donating your previously enjoyed and gently cleaned wands.

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