Dumpster Divine: 7 Distinctly Decorated Dumpsters

Dumpsters may not be the canvases of pop culture we want right now but like ’em or not, they’re the smelly, graffiti-encrusted billboards we deserve.

Dumped Dreamgirl

Dumpsters are a necessary evil. Without these grotty repositories of restaurant waste, street trash, industrial debris and the odd abandoned carcass, said contents would be out in the open assaulting our senses to the nth degree. Dumpsters also offer street artists and social commentators a free public forum with which to express anything and everything, from sacred to profane, without apology or explanation. Flickr member Rusty Blazenhoff captured this “Barbie Dream Dumpster” in Oakland, CA on July 13th of 2013.

Dumpsters for Trump

Would it be an understatement to characterize Donald Trump’s presidency as being controversial? Polarizing? Dare we say… a dumpster fire? Ask a hundred different Americans and you’re likely to get almost as many different answers. Then there’s this guy, a dumpster artist who chose to be anon- amon- anomanous? This pointed commentary on 45 and the er, “ominous” Mueller investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election was snapped by Flickr member Laurie Avocado in August of 2018.

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