Rare Fare: Smoked Watermelon ‘Ham’ Is Bloody Good

Who needs meat when you’ve got smoked, roasted Watermelon Ham? The bloody good main course from Duck’s Eatery is actually bloodless, meatless, and delicious!

Not to mention seedless and boneless – attributes that can describe both watermelons AND hams. But we digress – the smoked and roasted Watermelon Ham from Duck’s Eatery is definitely in a league of its own. The price alone should clue you in to that fact: $75 each, though one “ham” is enough to feed three to five diners.

Duck’s Eatery is located on E 12th Street in Manhattan’s East Village. The name, plus its description at Yelp as a restaurant serving “French, Cajun/Creole, and American (Traditional)” food might put off vegans and vegetarians at first glance.

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