Wall Bloc: Soviet Stickers Evoke Cold War Style

Urban Soviet Stickers cover ceramic wall tiles, turning gritty East Bloc apartment blocks inside out and recreating Cold War communities in miniature.

Remember the “good old days” of the mid-twentieth century, before the Berlin Wall crumbled and the USSR was consigned to the ash heap of history? Those were tough times for countless, long-suffering citizens of Soviet Bloc nations, forced to live in gritty high-rise apartments with little or no entertainment besides the view out of their windows. That view often consisted of the NEXT dingy concrete apartment block.

“In Lithuania, we often see public spaces neglected,” explains Gyva Grafika. “A lot of people live in the cleanest apartments but once they step outside the situation changes. Stairwells, yards, and other public spaces are often ignored and not looked after. For this reason, we have decided to balance these daily surroundings and introduced the outside to the inside.”

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