Treehouse Rules: Playa Viva’s Sustainable Suite

Adding to the exclusivity of the resort’s sustainable suite is the fact that it’s one of a kind. Deture Culsign designed the suite, which was then constructed on-site by Artistree. The Sebastopol, California-based company’s self-stated mission is “to provide ecologically friendly tree structures. By using recycled materials, alternative energy and clean building practices we hope to lead by example.” It took ArtisTree just six months to complete the suite at Playa Viva, at which point it was ready for the first guests to check in.

ArtisTree was handed the baton by Chicago-based Deture Culsign, who set out to “visually intrigue and highlight sustainable strategies to deliver a natural immersive guest experience.” In effect, the designer tapped into modern travelers’ desire to escape the concrete jungle in every way, shape and form when visiting a resort. One must agree that this cylinder-shaped bundle of bamboo stalks is about the farthest thing from Brutalist cast concrete and lifeless drywall.

With that said, visitors to Playa Viva are there to enjoy themselves, not play Survivor. As such, the design incorporates easy access to electricity and hot water – both facilitated by unobtrusive yet effective solar power infrastructure. The concept also allows guests to experience the core pleasures of indoor and outdoor living together within a single seamless space. Besides working well as a part of the local environment, the suite blends in visually as well thanks to the use of locally sourced wood.

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