Mindblowing: Artist’s Amazing Balloon Animals

Japanese chemical engineer and part-time artist Masayoshi Matsumoto not only blows beautiful and amazing balloon animals, he blows minds in the process.


Remember how easily amused we were by quick & easy balloon animals – usually dogs – twisted up in mere seconds at almost every childhood birthday party? Masayoshi Matsumoto remembers, and he thinks he can do better… and by the end of this article, you’ll think so too!

25-year-old Masayoshi Matsumoto is a chemical engineer in Japan (as there are few full-time positions available for balloon animal artists) whose hobby is creating some of the most complex and exquisite balloon sculptures imaginable. And, sorry for those hooked on instant gratification: a single Matsumoto balloon animal takes up to six hours to create. The phrase “good things are worth waiting for” was never so true!

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