Kindest Cuts: Emily Stoneking’s Dissected Knits

“I’m not a scientist but I play one on the internet,” states Emily Stoneking, the brains (and hands) behind Dissected Knits. Stoneking’s clever creations collectively issue a warm welcome to the “icky and cuddly world of knitted anatomy, where biology no longer smells like formaldehyde, but like your favorite sweater.”  Stoneking wonders if knitting dissection subjects in biology class would help students remember their anatomy lessons… in a GOOD way, that is!

Stoneking has no background in science or medicine but claims to have a layman’s love for these subjects. She’s also an accomplished knitter, having taken up the practice in 2001. Combining these passions has resulted in “Aknitomy” – get it? “My first aknitomical piece was the knitted, dissected frog that we all remember from high school. That has proven to be consistently my most popular item by far.”

Though Stoneking admits to taking artistic liberties in her artwork, she does take the time to research real anatomical structures and believes her creations have evolved over time. “They used to be pretty blobby and random but now they really look very human, which I have found people tend to gravitate to.” Gee Emily, what sort of people are you showing your Dissected Knits to? On the other hand, Stoneking could use her art as distractions after the Zombie Apocalypse begins.

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