Skysphere: Solar-Powered Man Cave In The Sky

Since the term “man cave” is more a state of mind than a physical description, it’s no surprise some visionary dude den designers are thinking outside the boxy basements from which the term originated. New Zealand-based graphic designer and engineer Jono Williams (above) is one of those visionaries and his creation – The Skysphere – is visionary in more ways than one: it offers occupants 360-degree views of the surrounding countryside.

The Skysphere is a hockey puck-shaped habitat offering 270 square feet of living space perched atop a 33-ft tall column. One ascends a ladder built into the column to access this unique, one-of-a-kind apartment located in bucolic rural New Zealand… wonder what the sheep think of this otherworldly intruder?

Williams spent about 3,000 hours constructing The Skysphere, and that doesn’t include time spent in classes learning everything from welding to wind simulation testing. The result is a spacious habitat in the sky – call it a man cave if you like but the apartment appeals to either gender. Best of all, environmentally-speaking, The Skysphere is solar-powered and thus optimally suited to those seeking an ultra-modern, off-the-grid lifestyle.

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