Living Architecture: 100-Seat Church Made of Real Trees

Architecture doesn’t get much more natural than this, unless it’s made by nature itself. This incredible church in New Zealand is made from dozens of living trees secured to an iron frame, which will be removed as soon as the branches are strong enough to support themselves. Step inside and you’ll find a carpet of grass leading to the pulpit, and enough seating for 100 guests.

Tree replanting specialist Barry Cox got the idea for this living architecture project while admiring churches around the world during his international travels. Initially envisioned as a private retreat, the Tree Church is set to open to the public on October 18th, 2015 along with three acres of gardens and a labyrinth. The venue can also be rented for events and photography sessions.

The church is comprised of Cut Leaf Alder on the roof, and Copper Sheen for the walls, as well as a few other species like Camelia Black Tie, Thuja Pyramidalis and Acer Globosum. Check out 14 more buildings that take inspiration from trees, including living structures made of willow at the University of Stuttgart.

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