DIY Island: Living Offshore & Off The Grid

It’s sorta like a moored houseboat, but bigger: a Canadian family built an artificial island that lets them enjoy a self-sustaining, eco-friendly lifestyle.


When Wayne Adams and Catherine King got married, their shared vision of wedded bliss wasn’t of the white picket fence and lush manicured lawn variety. Instead, the Canadian couple were determined to lead a self-sustaining, off-grid, live off the land lifestyle. They’ve succeeded… though instead of living OFF the land they’re living ON the water!


“Freedom Cove” was completed in 1992 and is built over 12 connected floating platforms set in serene Cypress Bay, British Columbia. Now grown to four with the addition of two children, the family has evolved completely self-sustaining and non-polluting way of life.


Their food doesn’t come from the supermarket or – perish the thought – some fast-food joint. King grows a variety of nutritious fruits and veggies in her garden (watering it obviously isn’t a problem) while Adams provides fish and other seafood he catches fresh daily.

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