Invisible Woman: Body Paint Artist Blends Models Into Boulders

Expertly camouflaged with head-to-toe paint, a model virtually disappears into rocky landscapes and beautiful blooming magnolia trees in an incredible series of images by German artist Joerg Duesterwald. The series ‘Rock Face’ seems, at first glance, to be conventional nature photography, depicting a series of boulders coated in moss. But look a little closer. 

In some images, the presence of the model is betrayed only by the organic curve of a leg or arm against an otherwise jagged surface. In others, it can take a little while to pick her out.

Duesterwald has been using the human body as a canvas for the past twenty years, working indoors against intricate wallpaper patterns as well as in nature. 

The painter collaborates with photographers Laila Pregizer and Uwe Schmida to create these striking images, capturing models in all four seasons against a variety of natural backdrops. See more at his website.

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