Parked Park: Taiwan’s Greenest Parking Lot

CMP Block 0

Shifting into Park is OK; shifting INTO a park is awesome! Check out these “green” vehicles sunk into the lawn at Taiwan‘s CMP Block Museum of Arts. CMP Block 1

CMP Block 3

CMP Block 3a

The CMP Block Museum of Arts in the West District of Taichung City, Taiwan, features a series of exhibitions throughout the year in its outdoor cultural creativity square. Each exhibition lasts for about a month and a half with themes typically reflecting current trends and coinciding with annual holidays.

CMP Block 2

CMP Block 4

The CMP (Chin Mei Plaza) Block’s outdoor display space also hosts a number of semi-permanent and permanent exhibits along with a selection of stores, boutiques and cafes catering to the needs of visitors. Among the former are unique mirror art sculptures and – since 2012 – a pair of used cars that have been semi-submerged into the lawn.