Really Green Vehicles: 7 Amazing Parked Zombie Cars

Does your car exude O2 instead of CO2? Is it more forested than a Subaru Forester? You just might be the owner of one of these 7 amazing overgrown parked cars!

China’s Ultimate Zombie Car

(images via: SINA Citylink and SCOL)

“Yo dawg, I heard you like vines on your van so I left this one parked outside for over a year so you can’t even see what color the paint is!” Xzibit A: the ivy-covered vehicle above, situated since sometime in 2012 (no one really knows when) in an unpaved parking lot in the village of Huayang, Sichuan province. The original owner, when tracked down through the van’s license plates, stated he sold the vehicle three years ago and lost touch with the purchaser, who seems to have lost touch with his purchase.

(images via:

Such abandoned vehicles have become common enough in China to have earned the sobriquet “Jiangshi Che” (zombie car)… dead to the world but eerily still alive thanks to their continually growing cloak of vegetation.

(images via: Sichuan Radio and Television and Reveal)

The ridiculously overgrown van above sparked a number of complaints to local authorities, who were unable to make much headway against thick ivy stems and sharp thorns… maybe they should have brought along one of the local pandas. Eventually it was towed away, vines and all, to meet an unknown fate.

Green Menace 1, White Honda 0

(image via: g.pullaready)

Certainly nothing like the scene out of some natural Little Shop Of Horrors above couldn’t happen in the good old U S of A, right? Wrong, though a Japanese import (kudzu) can be blamed… and perhaps not coincidentally, it’s chosen to engulf a different type of Japanese import. Credit Michael Jon Jensen, Director of Publishing Technologies at the National Academies Press, with this image of kudzu vines slowly smothering an abandoned Honda Civic in April of 2008. Hope he escaped the clutches of the terrible tendrils in one piece!

Wounded In The Balkans

(images via: Living In Montenegro)

Parking in Podgorica? It’s more likely than you think, once you’ve finally found a parking space. Some drivers are so fearful of losing their precious spot they simply don’t move from it… for months or more! Luckily for them, the local police abide by a strict set of job descriptions and dealing with extremely long term parking isn’t one of them.


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