Pet Tech Palace: The Samsung Dream Doghouse

Technology meets pet care with the Dream Doghouse from Samsung Electronics, a designer dog domain that’s more than just a plush pet palace.

Just in case you missed it, the newest trend in pet care involves upping its tech quotient and why not: isn’t that what we’ve been doing with our own lives and lifestyles of late? Enter the Dream Doghouse (not literally, it’s designed for dogs), Samsung Electronics’ vision of what a high-tech doghouse should and could be!

Samsung’s dip into the pet-care pool is no accident: the multinational consumer electronics company sponsored Crufts 2015, the world’s largest dog show, and the Dream Doghouse took pride of place at Samsung’s show display. 7 Not that the Dream Doghouse is all show and no go – it took a team of 12 designers and fabricators two weeks to design the keen kennel and a further four weeks were required to get it safely constructed on-site.

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