Nailed It! Carpenter Crafts Wooden Electric Cars

A self-taught Chinese carpenter had so much fun building (and driving) an electric car out of wood he built a second, larger one that carries passengers.

Liu Fulong of Shenyang, a city in China’s northeastern Liaoning Province, can boast of 30 years of wood-working experience under his belt. Unlike many skilled craftsmen, however, Liu is pretty much his own boss and isn’t constrained by corporate rules and regulations. This explains why his garage at home has morphed into a private wood-working shop and what Liu does there is what he wants to do – no more and no less.

In August of 2014, Liu got the idea of building his own car. Naturally, it would have to be made of wood and as for the engine… well, something something gas and wood and combustion. Electric power was the way to go, literally! Wood doesn’t conduct electricity and parts (battery, motor, etc) could easily be purchased off the shelf. Speaking of purchasing, Liu would end up spending around 10,000 yuan (around $1,600) to build each of his wooden wonders.

First things first, however, and Liu’s first electric car rolled off his one-man assembly line at the end of October – just two months of labor was all it took. His unnamed but eco-friendly electric vehicle boasted a host of accessories including twin side mirrors, a quartet of trumpet horns, a legally-compliant lighting system and last but not least: an uber-cool “thumbs-up” hood ornament!

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