Cool Bike Trailer is a Camping Cocoon for Adventurous Cyclists

Towing this cool futuristic-looking trailer behind your bike is sort of like transporting your very own snail shell wherever you go. Seemingly bio-inspired, the Bike Trailer by designer Alejandro Castelao is a durable, lightweight shelter that’s easy to lug around, whether for overnight stays or longer-term camping. 

The trailer folds down nearly flat for transport, providing a surface for the rest of your gear, like backpacks and sleeping bags. When you’re ready to pack it in for the night, simply open the cover to reveal the accordion-like shelter, which is just large enough to accommodate a solo traveler.

The outer cover is made out of “an electro chromic material that becomes opaque with intense sunlight,” protecting you from harsh rays first thing in the morning. It also incorporates flexible solar panels so you can charge the battery, which powers a series of LED lights.  An inner layer of mesh keeps insects and dust out if you want to partially open the cover for fresh air. 


While it’s just a concept for now, it’s an interesting take on the pedal-powered camper – see 8 more examples.


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