Recycled Barn Wood Gives Restaurant Interior a Dynamic Feel

Timber reclaimed from a barn creates visually arresting diagonal lines as it’s applied to virtually every surface inside a Japanese restaurant in downtown Montreal. The rustic, welcoming feel of the weathered wood combined with the unusual application and a 4- to 5-foot vertical drop in ceiling height from the front to the back provides a cozy, cocoon-like atmosphere.

Reclaimed wood has been used for all sorts of beautiful and strange architectural and design projects, sometimes taking on the characteristics of a rough, hand-crafted cabin in the woods, and sometimes coming together in a way that feels much more fresh and modern. This project, by designer Jean de Lessard, manages to do both.

Installing the wooden boards at opposing angles, and creating a sea of angled surfaces along the ceiling, results in a sort of visual tension, as if the space itself is alive and moving. The natural aged look of the recycled barn wood gives the restaurant a sense of history and character.

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