Unconventional Bamboo Treehouse Honors Indonesian History

This unconventional bamboo treehouse by Budi Pradono Architects pays tribute to Indonesian culture with the integration of the tampah, a special rice-filtering tool made from the sustainable grass. Used as a decorative element to create a sort of screened facade, the tampah makes a strong design statement and blends beautifully with the branches of the trees in which the structure has been set.

The tampah is used to separate rice seeds from leaves and debris, and also to dry the grains. Its round shape comes together nicely with the simple look of the bamboo poles that were used as the frame of the tree house. 

Sixteen feet off the ground, it offers a place for the people of Solo Village, Indonesia to look out over the landscape, including the Vastenburg Fortress, a 1745 relic of the Dutch colonial presence in the region. The architects hope that the view will inspire curiosity about what happened at the fortress, sparking dialogue about the people’s collective history.

Bamboo is one of the most highly renewable materials in the world, growing at an astonishing rate and becoming surprisingly durable when assembled in certain ways. Check out 12 more stylish, sustainable structures made from bamboo.

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