Electree: Bonsai-Shaped Solar Charger Powers Gadgets

Solar charger by day, lantern by night, this charming tree-shaped device takes its inspiration from the art of bonsai. Designer Vivien Muller previously created a larger-scale Electree equipped with 27 mini leaf-like solar panels capable of powering up an iPhone nine times on a single charge, and is now offering a mini version that stores solar energy in small batteries so you can power all sorts of household gadgets.

The Electree Mini is outfitted with PowerFilm's lightweight, flexible solar panels. It's available in three versions: the regular Electree, the Electree + LED and the Electree + USB. The second turns your solar tree into a color-changing lantern at night – just rotate it to change the color. The third option provides a standard USB port, so you can charge your phone or mp3 player.

The designer is currently raising funds to make the Electree mini "affordable, high faulty and available to the world." All parts are produced in France other than the solar cells, mostly of highly recyclable ABS plastic and polycarbonate.

Contribute to the campaign at various levels to receive the version of the Electree that you like best. Check it out at IndieGogo.


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