Enter Ingenuity: 13 Creative Door Recycling Projects

Worn or outdated doors can be transformed into all sorts of new items, from bus stop benches to garden arbors. Here are 13 clever projects, including a few that are simple to DIY at home, that reclaim these architectural staples in creative new ways.

Doors Hacked into 2 Pieces of Super-Creative Furniture

Unwanted doors are transformed into a striking bookshelf and chaise lounge in this series by Valentia and Riccardo Sartori of Studio Lacrime D’Arte. The doors have only been altered in minimal ways, yet every cut was highly intentional. The reclaimed doors have a new purpose, but they’re still easily identifiable.


Building Facade Made of 1,000 Doors

A 10-story building in South Korea has a totally new look thanks to a facade of 1,000 doors, installed by artist Choi Jeong-Hwa. Which doors actually open to let you inside? You might just have to try each one that’s at ground level.


Bus Benches Made of Doors from Demolished Detroit Houses

Many of Detroit’s abandoned houses may be gone, but they’re not necessarily forgotten. Some of them are being memorialized in the form of new bus stops, with seats made from the reclaimed doors of the demolished structures. The Door Stops project salvages materials from the loss of these houses and makes them useful again.


Aged Wooden Doors to Stunning Desks

This stunning, rustic-modern desk by Manoteca was constructed almost entirely from salvaged wood doors, which were re-assembled along with a handful of other recycled materials. One of the doors opens up to reveal a hidden storage area.


DIY: Rustic Mudroom Bench

Turn an old door into a multi-purpose mudroom bench and coat rack with this cool DIY project. With built-in seating, shoe storage, hooks and a shelf, there’s room for all of the stuff that tends to clutter up entryways.


‘Once a Door’ Chair

Now here’s a project that recycles doors in such a way that you’d never guess what the original material ways. The ‘Once a Door’ chair by Claire Danthols uses slices of doors to create ergonomic undulating shapes.


DIY: Upcycle a Door into a New Table

The simplest and most common way to repurpose an old door is to simply add legs and turn it into a table. The DIY Network has a tutorial.


Art Gallery Wall Made of Old Doors

As part of an effort to make the neighborhood more sustainable, a designer in Einhoven transformed a local community center into a gallery by covering the facade in reclaimed doors and windows.


Room Dividers Made of 3 Reclaimed Doors

Three old doors hinged together make for a simple and sturdy room divider. Get the instructions at Weekly Living. 


Recycled Door Greenhouses

Glass doors pieced together on a frame can create glittering recycled greenhouses with the feel of a crystal chapel. Check out an entire gallery of them at Inspiration Green. 


Beautiful Garden Arbor

An arch connected to two reclaimed doors becomes a beautiful, rustic garden arch with lots of character and charm in this cool salvage project.


Recycled Door Playhouse

Want to make an inexpensive, eco-friendly playhouse for kids? This DIY project used a couple doors to create a tent-style shelter that you could replicate in your own backyard.


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